Hi, I'm Olivia

“Serendipity, finding something good without looking for it.”

This little quote reminds me of how I found photography. With a little push from my best friends I started photographing small music events in Liverpool, just because I had a good camera and truly enjoyed taking pictures. That led to working with music blogs and eventually larger music events. I met friends for life, travelled Europe, photographed at some of the biggest UK festivals.

Then I spent the summer of 2017 in America, working as a photographer at a children’s summer camp. Then came home and realised I wanted to work with kids. I loved spending everyday laughing with them, helping them learn something new. Even after 3 months of sleepless nights with 13 of them in my cabin I came home and completely changed my degree and started studying Education.

Three months into my degree I got offered a job at Venture Photography, I was lucky enough to have spent some time doing work experience there two years before and they wanted to train me up. I didn’t want to leave university, or turn down such a big opportunity so I split my time between both.

So the past few years have been, filled, filled with learning from the best in both fields. Volunteering in hospital schools, attending photography workshops, spending time in after school clubs, competing in monthly photography challenges. I ended up winning three awards during my time at Venture and getting a first class in my degree.

But like many amazing things, these both came to a halt last April. I was gutted, but I like to think SHEA is my little piece of serendipity.

The good thing I found without looking for it.


The Beginning of SHEA

Liverpool Newborn and Family Photographer

I often get asked if SHEA is my sure name, but in fact its my Gran's. Mary Shea. I want to embody everything she stood for in my business, her warmth, kindness and spirit.


Capturing you, your family, your pets and babies just as they are. Documenting those precious things that make them, truly them. Those natural moments that you'll grow to miss - but yours to cherish forever. 

Proudly bringing the studio to you. Whether thats in the comfort of your own home, or in your favourite outdoor adventure spot. Your memories will be captured in the places most special to you.