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Meet the Team

From Liverpool.
Professional Photographer.

candidly capturing your families memories and
ebrating the people in the city i love the most


started working at a Rodney Street photography studio in 2017,
alongside studying a degree in education and inclusion.

graduated in 2020.
and found(ed) SHEA.

my Nans maiden name.

have since worked in studios around the world and throughout the UK


our lovely 'Newborns at Home' sessions, SHEA Studio Days,
beautiful weddings at venues in the city and
check the 'Availability' page for current studio sessions or
the 'Let's Chat' page for newborns at home and weddings.


grateful everyday for this lovely job. thank you.












me & my nan.

bw399413364_7279257985419947_3320867297437600773_n (1).jpg
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